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New Executive Chef Taking the Reins at Watersview Restaurant

Lake Gaston locals are familiar with Watersview Restaurant, one of the area’s premiere waterfront dining experiences, offering breathtaking sunset views, live music, and boat docking. What they might be less familiar with though is the new chef.

Chef Ryan Grimm

Watersview recently announced the addition of Chef Ryan Grimm as their new Executive Chef. Previously of Los Angeles, Chef Ryan recently returned from a nearly year-long culinary tour of Europe. During his career, he has cooked all across the United States, including serving as a guest chef in some of the South’s most notable restaurants in Charleston and New Orleans.

“I believe food is more than just nutrition and food for the body. It connects our emotions. With a good meal, I can take someone who’s having a bad day and turn it around for them.”

With all the amazing produce locally gown in North Carolina and neighboring Virginia, Chef Ryan says he is excited to showcase seasonal ingredients that highlight the flavors of Spring and Summer as we go through them.

Braised Pork Belly
Braised pork belly over apple and sausage bread pudding with a bourbon caramel sauce

When asked how cooking differs here versus in Los Angeles, he explained, “The palettes are different here than from those in L.A. Southerners want green beans that melt in your mouth. On the other hand, Californians like their green beans with a crisp snap. California is more focused on innovation and pushing the limits, whereas here it’s more about creating that memorable meal you had with your grandmother. Comfort food here is about highlighting the warm memories associated with the dishes, grandmother’s meatloaf, mom’s fried chicken. It’s about evoking the strong memories that go along with them.”

It won’t all be comfort food though. Hints of his California roots are likely to pop up from time to time, as well as bits and pieces he picked up from his time in Europe. You’re also likely to see some lighter fare introduced, showcasing fresh products in their natural form. “Lighter and cooler entree style dishes are important during the hot summer months.”

One of the big questions on everyone’s mind is how did a Los Angeles-based chef find his way to Lake Gaston? The answer, quite simply, is family. “My brother and his wife live here. After returning from Europe we had no commitments and wanted to experience lake life over the summer.”

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