Lake Gaston calls it a “vacation home dream!” and they’re right.
So here’s some basic information about the lake:

Spanning from hwy 85 and hwy 95, Lake Gaston straddles the border where North Carolina & Virginia meet. Weighing in at about 20,000 acres with around 350 miles of shoreline, it’s a huge lake and a dream come true for lake lovers. Because with all that space there’s something for everyone. Quiet areas for duck hunting or fishing, wide open space for wakeboarding. You have restaurants, bars, campgrounds, golf… you name it, there are even seaplanes and helicopters on the lake. Once a year there’s even a festival where seaplane pilots from up and down the east coast fly in and play on Lake Gaston.

Where is Lake Gaston?

Lake Gaston spans # towns, 5 counties, and 2 states. Lake Gaston runs along the VA/NC border between hwy 85 and hwy 95. Most of the lake is in North Carolina.

How was Lake Gaston made?

In 19## Lake Gaston was created as a reservoir to create power to the area. Lake Gaston is also a main source of water for the city of Virginia Beach.

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How big is Lake Gaston?

Lake Gaston is 20,300 acres with just over 350 miles of shoreline.

How far is Lake Gaston?

Lake Gaston is 71.8 miles, or 1 hr 36 min from Raleigh, NC
Lake Gaston is 71.9 miles, or 1 hr 16 min from Durham, NC
Lake Gaston is 95.2 miles, or 1 hr 44 min from Richmond, VA

Things to Do at Lake Gaston


If you like to fish, Lake Gaston is stocked with Striped and Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Bluegill, Catfish, and Southern Pike. You will need a fishing license. And probably a boating license.

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If you like to play, visit Wobble Island or Goat Island. If you’re interested in serious watersports play, check out AF Wake by professional wakeboarder Adam Fields.


If you like to enjoy a good glass of wine check out Rosemont Winery.


Food, we’ve got that covered too. Go to Watersview, hands down. It’s the best view you’ll get anywhere on the lake for a dining experience.


BYOB – Bring Your Own Boat that is (unless you plan to visit ‘Wobble Island’ then regular byob).

There are several boat launches around the lake with drive down ramps to get your boat in and out of the water. You can rent too if that’s your style. There are a couple places to get what you need, be it a fishing boat, tow boat, pontoon, or jet skis. You can even rent some manually operated equipment for kayaking or the thing where you stand on a giant surfboard looking thing (paddleboarding?).

Check our list of Public Boat Ramps for more


Need a place to stay? Search around for some rentals. You can find great deals on AirBnB or VRBO

Boating Regulations & Safety

The rules have changed a bit over the years. Check to be sure whether you need a license to operate your boat or PWC on the lake.



If you do need to take a class they’re frequently available and pretty easy. Check for classes with the Coast Guard


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