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Don’t wait until the picture perfect weather, get it done now!

What does this mean for you?

This means it is time to get a checklist together of what you need to do now that spring is here!

1. Spring Clean Up


Leaves covering groundAfter Leaves Clean Up

Leaves and debris will create molds, pathogens, and rot if left to sit in flower beds and lawns.

It is important to get them up as to prevent all this from happening. Get all sticks, trash, and dead plants and trees cleaned up.

2. Shrub Pruning


Pruned Shrubs

Springtime is the right time to prune some of your shrubs, BUT not all shrubs!

Look through your lawn at all your shrubs, see if anything has been damaged from the winter – broken limbs, bent, twisted – if so, they should be trimmed now.

Clean cut is easier to heal. Select the shrubs you want to prune now. Sample shrubs to prune now are hydrangeas and rose bushes, and, if the threat of hard frost has passed, butterfly bushes can be pruned now as well.

What NOT to prune – azaleas, rhododendrons, and mountain laurels. They may look brown and dead from the winter, but they may very well have life in them still. Never prune these until after they flower. By that time anything that has died will look like it. These plants can be tricky and bounce back from a pretty sad state in early spring.

3. Mulch



Once everything is cleaned, it is time to get that fresh, beautiful mulch down.

Mulch should be applied at least every 2 years, if not yearly.  It is important to get all weeds and debris up before you apply your fresh mulch. Also important is having it laid to a uniform depth.

Epic Grounds Management is here to help with all this and more. Give us a call as we would love to bring your lawn and gardens to their prime just in time for spring time!


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